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Stress, Hormones, Belly Fat and Your Health

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Join us for this FREE educational seminar on the connections among stress, hormones, belly fat and your health, presented by national speaker and wellness expert Meena Malhotra, M.D., owner of Heal-n-Cure. Learn about the latest scientific breakthroughs and methods that help you permanently and safely remove unwanted belly fat while quickly reclaiming your health, your youth and your life!

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About Dr. Malhotra:

Winner of the coveted Blue Cross & Blue Shield Top Tier (Blue Tier) Physician status, distinguished status awarded for Excellence in Care. Has been featured on TV and has authored journal article on ‘Obesity and Sleep Apnea’. She is Double Board Certified, ABOM, and ABIM Board Certified, American Board of Obesity Medicine, ABOM (Non-surgical, noninvasive, medical weight loss) Board Certified, American Board of Internal Medicine, ABIM.

Her passion is ‘core wellness’ – you will feel more energetic and motivated, enriched by the improved quality of life. She has designed exclusive weight loss protocol, INSPIRE, after years of experience helping patients lose thousands of pounds. These carefully chosen protocols are individualized and customized for every patient, based on their medical conditions and objectives. This has resulted in safe and effective weight loss leading to ‘Core Wellness’.

She has designed customized tracking tools for patients to understand how their body composition is improving, explaining and educating them every step of the way on the path to wellness, energy and relief from chronic problems.

She believes that Patient-Physician relationship is a joint partnership, and feels honored that you are entrusting her with your wellness.  To build upon the trust, she welcomes any questions you may have about her protocols.  She loves it when patients have already researched WebMD, Mayo Clinic, Cleveland Clinic, NIH, CDC, Harvard Medical School, and reputed Medical web sites and are ready to discuss their care with her.