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You're Not Sick, You're Psychic

Jen Weigel returns to The Well to host medium Pat Longo!

Pat Longo has been healing people for decades. As a mentor to famed psychic Theresa Caputo, Pat will be teaching you to open up to your own natural abilities, which can be life changing! In her words: "In my experience, most of the clients I see who suffer from anxiety are intuitive and have spiritual gifts. Adults and children who suffer from panic, fear, and anxiety are often called Empaths. Living as an Empath can be difficult for many people. They may have difficulty sleeping in the dark, being in crowds, or may have panic attacks and fearful thoughts. This workshop is designed to teach you the tools that help conquer anxiety and tune into your Divine guidance. Using the power of thought is the difference between prison and freedom. I have helped hundreds of children, teenagers, college students, and adults eliminate anxiety from their lives using everyday spiritual tools. Be ready to change your life today!"

Cost:  $65

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