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Circle of Life Workshop

Mee Kim-Chavez of and Sheila Peterson of lead this workshop for women who want to take back their life but don't know where to start. 

Who:  Women who keep repeating the habitual patterns but expecting different results and don't know why they keep getting the same results. 

What:  We will be covering the Circle of Life - taking inventory of where we are presently at in our life.  This exercise is a "Start Here" in our roadmap of life.  It brings awareness so we can move forward to the changes we need to implement for balance.  The Circle of Life, which has 12 sections (career, education, health, relationships, joy.......), helps to have a visual of any imbalances.  It's a roadmap of where you need to spend more time and energy to create balance and more joy in your life.  

Results:  Awakening and awareness - foundation to stepping into change.  If we are not changing, then we are dying.  Feeling empowered which is the sexiest feeling of all.  

Cost:  $40 

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