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Calming Down the Crazy of the College Conversation

Are you trying to broach the subject of the college search with your teenager and don’t know where (or when) to begin?  Do you leave social events feeling like everyone has a personal team of private admissions consultants, essay coaches and SAT tutors and you haven’t even figured out when to get started?!  Fret not.

Preparing for the college search and all that leads up to it need not be stressful. 

In a time when our children are busy, over-programmed, under-slept and feeling the pressure to be great at everything, it is a challenge to even get them to sit down long enough to think about college.  So, where do you begin?

It is time to take a breath, slow things down and figure out how to make your home a CALM college conversation zone. 

Join us for a conversation about dispelling assumptions, avoiding missteps, and calming down the crazy of the college admissions process. Christine Balzano, a college admissions professional for over twenty years, will discuss common misperceptions, share useful tips for focusing you and your child for the search ahead and share advice on how your child can harness their UNIQUE story to make the college search stress free (or as close to it as possible!).

Cost:  $15

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Later Event: April 17
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