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Stepping Into Your Power (Teen Girls Workshop)

Open to 8th Grade, Freshmen and Sophomore Girls

Strong, Empowered Girls become Strong, Empowered Women

A day for girls to step into their power and build self-awareness, self-worth and a direction that is aligned with their truth. Dragonfly Girls is a day to disconnect from social media and busy schedules, and completely connect with themselves and a strong tribe of sisters. 

A soulful event for teen girls that includes:

*Breaking down the illusions of beauty
*Developing a healthy self-worth and a strong relationship with themselves
*Mindfully choosing tribe based on healthy relationships
*Clearly defining boundaries that feel true to them.

Come join the movement!

The Step into Your Power workshop is Part 1 of 3.  While the program content is designed to build upon itself, you do not need to commit to all three parts to participate in Part 1.  For more detailed information about the workshop, visit

Cost:  $250 for one person; $150 for each additional friend

Register here.

Dragonfly Girls is a movement for young women ages 13-18 to develop a strong, healthy relationship with their authentic selves. We create a safe environment for girls to openly share their struggles, strengths, relationships and limiting beliefs. Through self-awareness and the power of sisterhood, they will leave feeling empowered, strong and equipped with the tools to deal with the challenges they face during this transitional time in their lives.  


“After attending this program, I now have a determination to love myself more, and be more grateful. Writing down my truth is fantastic because now I have goals. I will be a wonderful bright light in the lives of people who prove to be worthy of me. I feel empowered to empower others.” 
– Jane (15)

“I realized that I define myself, my relationships and my identity. Dragonfly Girls made me understand who I am as a person and not what people want me to be.” – Isabel (14)

“I learned about self love, self respect, being in touch with my spirit and setting boundaries in life. I want to thrive with inner beauty/light” – Olyvea (15)

“I loved our group discussions – they made me feel connected in a way that I don’t usually feel – like I was a part of something. Can we please get together again in 6 months and talk about our progress?” – Avery (14)

“Initially my daughter was uncertain what to expect – a teen retreat? She left feeling connected, optimistic, liberated and empowered. Even within excruciatingly busy schedules, she and I both encourage others to create space for this opportunity. Fun, cool, empowering – the right ingredients for our precious girls at the right age.” – Carey E. Carlock (Mom)

“This program couldn’t come at a more critical time. My daughter emerged stronger, more empowered & with a cohort of soul-sisters who she knows sees her for who she really is & supports her in becoming who she wants to be.” – AnneMarie Evans (Mom)

“Immediately after the program, my daughter said it exceeded her wildest expectations and that every girl should be required to take the program. In the week following, I saw her think differently about her friendships and relationships, feeling more empowered and in control. Julie and Noelani have an amazing talent in connecting with these girls at that perfect time in their lives.” – Kim Hoyt (Mom)