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Publishing, Podcasting and Platform Building: Shine Your Light In a Busy World

Publishing, Podcasting, and Platform building: Shine your light in busy world to be heard with your message for a better world!

80% of the American population reports a desire to write a book. New podcasts are coming out by the dozens everyday. 

What explains this need for so many stories to be told? 

We are approaching an age of enlightenment where heart centered leaders and entrepreneurs feel the pull to get their messages into the light in order to create a better world. Creating a powerful message for today’s heart centered leader is, at its core, starting a conversation that adds value to your audience.  Messages can be powerfully delivered through a variety of means including writing and publishing a book, podcast guesting or hosting, or pursuing traditional media outlets such as TV and radio.  

In this action oriented, practical-tip delivering seminar, you will learn tips and tricks to understanding who you are here to serve, how you can serve them, and how you can combine your passion with your service to others. For aspiring authors and podcasters, we’ll address what you’ll be writing/talking about, how you can take care of yourself while you write/podcast, how you actually write/podcast, and how you start to market your messages so that you can powerfully reach a targeted audience. The presentation will specifically address:

– Why messaging through publishing, podcasting, and social media is important for every heart-centered entrepreneur

– How to use radio, podcasts, TV, print coverage and social media to gain customers and sales

– Tools and techniques that you can employ immediately to create a more powerful message in the marketplace

This event will be led by Kathryn Kemp Guylay, CEO, entrepreneur, best-selling author, podcaster and blogger.  EVERY attendee will receive a FREE copy of Kathryn's book, Mountain Mantras.  The FIRST TWENTY registrants will receive a free copy of Kathryn's e-book “Look Before You Leap: The Smart Author’s Guide to Avoiding the Money Pit and Achieving Financial Success in Publishing."

Cost:  $25

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