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The Conscious Business Network Presents "The Feminization of the Marketplace"

The Conscious Business Network invites you to experience heartfelt networking and learn about how the power of the feminine in business is co-creating a thriving future.

In the era of #metoo and #timesup, we can more clearly see how our business ecosystem has been influenced by feminine energy, and how at this moment, women are leading the way toward rewriting the rules of engagement. Dr. Therese Rowley presents the evolution of the corporation, how women have shaped the marketplace landscape and how business consciousness continues to evolve.

About Dr. Rowley: Therese Rowley, Ph.D., is CEO of Accelerated Alignment, Founder of The Conscious Business Network, a HuffPost contributor and author of Mapping A New Reality:  Discovering Intuitive Intelligence. She is a business advisor, intuitive healer, speaker and educator. Learn more 

Cost:  $35

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