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Sixth Sense to Success Workshop: Fulfilling Your Definite Purpose with E.S.P with Medium Chris Fleming

Since the age of 4, Chris Fleming has seen and communicated with spirits. Growing up in a haunted house wasn’t easy, but he took his experiences and published a magazine about supernatural phenomena in the late 90s to give others a voice share their stories. For the past 18 years, Chris has been a consultant, producer, and host of various paranormal TV programs. Such as Dead Famous (Bio), Psychic Kids (A&E) and many more. He has a new TV series set to air in the UK starting July 2018 with others in development. 

Chris works as a spiritual consultant and professional speaker on life after death, higher consciousness and understanding the spirit world.  He speaks at colleges and major universities across America every fall. When not traveling he offers readings and spiritual consultations, helping clients connect with loved ones and their higher self.

This awakening workshop will show you how to receive messages and signs to help you carry out your definite purpose in life. These secrets, delivered by the universe to you, will guide you on your path while helping you avoid danger and/or recognize opportunity from where you are now, to where you desire to be. 

If you are looking to Improve your success in your career, in relationships, in health and in a peace of mind, this detailed workshop will give you the most important tools to get there.  We all have dealt with regret and “what if” scenarios. We tend to beat ourselves up with the same old cliché, “if only I would have known… if only I would have listened to myself”

By taking this course you will put your powerful mind and spirit to use to make better choices in the future, and avoid further regrets. But I promise you, you no longer have to do it alone. 

During this 3.5 hour course, Chris Fleming will lead you into higher realms of consciousness and awareness that will teach you how to pay attention to these signs. How they work, where they come from and how you, using something as simple as your “own free will” can give you heads up before it happens. 

You will learn:

  • How to recognize signs of opportunity and listen to warning signs to help you avoid death or misfortune (yes it works!)
  • How to create a more fulfilling purpose in your life by listening and following these signs
  • How to focus your thoughts instead of drifting
  • How science supports the invisible world around us
  • Principles and rules the universe has in store for you that the secret and law of attraction failed to mention
  • How army intelligence used these principles to avoid wars and find top-secret information
  • Simple techniques you can do daily to get your wish and lead a more fulfilling life
  • How to step into The Go Zone!
  • and much more! 

Each student who attends will be given a workbook to write in. In this booklet you will:

  • Write out your own definite purpose and put this to work immediately. (Do not worry your wish and purpose will be kept confidential known only to you and the universe).
  • Recognize your present self and Create your other self. The first step to being who we truly desire to be in this realm of existence.
  • Recognize and put to use the Sixth sense through special targets. (past targeting sessions have been mind-blowing)
  • Capture important moments and details during the course.

Through first-hand examples of life-changing success and missed opportunities, important protocols (you can use in your own life and share with your family and friends) - you will access a level of awareness that connects you with your higher self and higher intelligence. 

Time and the decisions we make shapes us every day. Take that step on May 26th to reach your higher self. 

Cost: Only $75!

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Sign up today - This workshop will only be offered once this year and limited to only 30 seats.