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The Unexpected Speaker Series

Sally Lou Loveman of lovespeaks presents …

The Unexpected Speaker Workshop & Lunch

Insider secrets to engaging an audience & speaking brilliantly

Have you always wanted to improve your speaking skills?  Do you get nervous to speak in front of others?  Whether you are a CEO, self-employed, a student, a spin instructor, or someone who just wants to get out of their comfort zone, speaking well in front of others is a career asset and a life asset.

As the former Audience Producer for The Oprah Winfrey Show, Sally Lou has spent a career motivating and connecting with audiences.  Now it’s time for you to connect with yours. It starts with being unexpected.

Join Sally Lou for an afternoon of unexpected speaker moments where you will explore things like:

·     The Mingle Matters

·     Speaking from the heart

·     Using LIVE content to ease your fears

·     Taking your delivery style to the next level

This might look like a lunch, but you’ll feel like a speaker!

Cost:  $40

PLEASE NOTE: This event is sold out, but more information can be found on the lovespeaks website.