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Navigating College & Early Career Journeys Providing a Parent & Student Roadmap

A framework for parents helping their students navigate college and career transitions.

Complimentary session offered by Waterville Partners, LLC

Join us for an interactive session about your potential role in this process. Leave with practical tools and insights designed to reduce stress so you can enjoy the journey together, as it unfolds. Learn about upcoming student workshops and whether they may be a fit for your young adult.

WHO:  Parents of high school and college students (or 20-somethings)—students welcome. Parents asking: “What will my student do with his/her degree?,” “Are they prepared to face the job market and embark on a fulfilling career?,” “Will they be able to support themselves or boomerang onto my couch?”

WHY:  As parents, you want the best for your children and care about their future. You’ve invested in building their foundation. How can you effectively help to set them up for success, fulfillment and resiliency beyond the nest?

DELIVERABLES:  Learn about a framework to help them navigate the next transitions, especially as it relates to their career paths. Utilize an exercise to help you partner with your child and play an effective role on their team. Learn more about our Bootcamp Workshops for young adults on June 23rd/25th and July 25th/27th. Learn how to make conscious choices in alignment with your unique internal compass.

COST:  Free

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CREDENTIALS:  Kay Wigton McBrearty, Career Coach & founder of Waterville Partners, has hired, interviewed, mentored and coached both students and employees during her two decades in corporate leadership roles at Baxter Healthcare, including Director of Staffing and College Relations, and during the past decade as a career coach. She provides career coaching services for clients launching their careers or pivoting. She is a trained and engaging facilitator who drives clients to action.