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Stress Reduction & Goal Achievement

Friend and future Well speaker Michael Diettrich-Chastain of Arc Integrated will be presenting this Dynamic Change Workshop at the Diettrich Farm, just over the border in Salem, WI.

Learn 7 principles that will drastically change your ability to manage stress and achieve goals that you have been striving toward. 
In this workshop you will - 
* Receive multiple tools that help you reduce, prevent and manage stress
* Build understanding of common themes in your life that create stress and what to do about it
* Create community and share knowledge and accountability through experiential activity
* Understand the 7 principles that impact all your success (and failure)
* Walk away with tools that will increase your ability to create the professional or personal change you've been seeking
* Uncover the the blocks that have been preventing you from reaching what you want in health, relationship or career

To register call The Diettrich Farm - 262-496-3332.